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yeah matt.. my dog is the same.. has to stick right near me... when i shower sits outside the door waiting or tries to break it down so i just let him sleep on the rug.. avoiding people is good.. but its bad in away... you want to socialize your dog.. let people be aware of what he is.. or you can say shes an amstaff to get less fear from ppl.. cuz they dont know an amstaff is still a bully.. either way.. caution is good to some extent.. but try to educate the best you can... also educate your neighbours.. explain what kind of dog you have.. if they have the net.. direct them to or let them read the facts and myths or print up some info and make a booklet for them.. better to be well prepared and they cant say they didnt know.. and as good as she may be off leash.. off leash is bad.. and umm.. i dunno.. haha.. add me to msn if you want.. we'll talk more pit if you want and i know some good sites.. unless you did research then thumbs up to you.. i just want to see good dogs and good owners of this breed treated right and with respect.. cuz they arent as big of monsters as people thing..
also... how is she on leash?
mine is a tank... but hes getting better now and not trying to drag me down the road.. haha..
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