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hey matt.. beaufitul dog..
i just adopted a pitbull recently...
thanks again brandon for all your help..
hes well loved here..

you better be careful with her matt.. they are frowned upon big time and dont make one error.. one mistake can cost you lots of trouble.. as friendly as she is.. my dog is a puppy and just wants to play.. my neighbour doesnt understand that.. all he understands is that he hates pitbulls and he got out one day and played with his dog.. even though his dog has no marks.. my neighbour claims its a vicious attack and the bylaw had slapped me with a muzzle warning for my dog.. .even though they have no proof of my dog being near his dog.. but cuz hes a pit they are ignorant and dont let you speak.. and my dog is a big suck..but they do play rough.. all the best with your new dog.. shes a beauty..
too many ignorant ppl out there think they know the breed when they know nothing.. im sorry.. the 6 o'clock news doesnt educate you on dogs... reading books about them educates you..
educate.. dont legislate..
check out the its a good site..
and i didnt want to scare you about my story.. just let you know.. extra caution.. cuz they are amazing dogs... so loyal and loving.. do you have to share the couch and your bed with her now? :P mine is a real couch and bed hog.. hahaha..

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