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I dont care. Its just not right to shoot something like that, on sight. And even shooting it is still more humane than poison, that just sickens me, and the shooting humanely only works if you are a really good shot, and are using the right caliber of pistol.

It amazes me how people can have so much love and dedication to one species and not another, and how perceptions vary so wildly among society in general about what kind of animals are a "pest" or a "menace. " I would think dogs kill far more children a year than cats- but I would like to see the stir if there was a thread about poisioning dogs.

For all you shooters and poisoners, pray reincarnation is merely an archaic dogma.

anyways- i love cats- and I think they deserve respect. Most herpers on this board love their reptiles, and feel they deserve respect, and are not a menace, but I feel about this just like many of you feel about people who run out in the backyard with a garden hoe to whack off the head of that snake in their yard.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again- Its all about perspective.

I really am done arguing now. No one cares what I say anyways, its not sinking in, so im not stopping any poisoners or shooters, and helping them understand what they are doing- its like reasoning with leatherface and the Sawyer clan.

Karma is real

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