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But, You have to understand that you keeping Hots has an affect on everyone on this site as well as anyone else in Canada keeping reptiles.
Until I screw up and take a hit from a hot and it makes the media, it does NOT affect anyone else in Canada.
and someone of your demographics isnt the typical hot keeper.
Now you lost me on this one... Unless you're just refering to my age, wanna clarify this for me?
In the end, the choice is up to you. i am just one of the many concerned herpers who is out to protect everyone in this hobby and to make sure ppl are completely ready for whatever situation they put themselves in.

You cant blame a person for caring.
I could have easily, not givin my 2 cents, and not care.
I didn't see anyone else ask u if u are experienced enough to work with hots? and that bothers me, because how can one give advice on such a serious issue, (which keeping hots is a very serious issue), without knowing/asking how experienced the person is?
Ok Grant, yer right on that one. It is up to me, but there is no need to be concerned because I feel I am ready and if not, I will avoid hots till I am. I'm not sure whether it was because noone cared or because they have read my previous posts on hots and assumed I was ready, none the less, thank you for your concern.

Either way, my intentions are not to limit Canadian herpers collections through new laws, but to expand them through captive bred beauties. The chances of me bringing in hots this time are VERY slim, I don't have all the proper equipment and I'm not willing to take any risks when dealing with venomous species. I may be able to pick up the equipment by then, if not, there is always next time.

However it looks good for several species of rare rear-fanged colubrids, these species are not considered life threatening with nil to few local symptoms. Cat-eye, vine/whip and flying tree snake species to name a few, I can't wait to get em!
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