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Newest Family Member!! *pics*

So, after months and months of wanting to get a dog, I have finally aquired one.. I had come across this girl a couple times at and everytime I saw her, I kept considering calling.. Finally, after a couple weeks of debating, I called and arranged to go and see her.. So, on Wednesday, I went out and checked her out.. When I first saw her, she was very well behaved, sat infront of me and let me pet her and such.. She listened well, was calm and beautiful.. I told the lady that had her (foster home) that I would let her know by Friday if I was going to take her or not.. When I got home, I spoke with some friends and decided I had to have her.. I called the lady back just 45 minutes after leaving her house and said I would take her.. So, yesterday I popped out the rescue and filled out the paperwork and picked her up, a 1 year old female Pitbull.. I never thought I would ever own a Pitbull, but she's absolutly adorable and soo well behaved, I couldn't be happier with her, although, she could use a better name.. Here are a few pics..

And here's one of the savage beast!!!

It's amazing how many people will cross the street when they see her.. Today I even had a lady pick up her little yappy dog when she laid eyes on my girl.. It's pretty sad really.. Oh, by the way.. Her name is Princess (she was named prior, obviously)

Thanks for looking!!

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