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Here we don't have a program like you do either Art. Spaying or neutering is expensive. The fact that you can catch the feral cats in your neighborhood is impressive most run at the site of a person and personally I have better things to spend money on than live traps for other peoples pets that they obviously don't care about. We also have bylaws here that insist that your pet cat must be licenced which none of the ones running around here are so technically they aren't pets but wildlife. Also attempting to catch a wild cat who decides to bite is dangerous as cat bites are a serious problem, they get infected fast and can actually lead to amputation.

"A cat bite (Figure 33) is one of the worst infections I see, besides a human bite. If you get one, please get treatment as soon as possible. You will need antibiotics, possibly surgery. Recovery can be prolonged. Don't mess with this!"

These are legal animals but this is what can happen from a little bite. Children inherently want to go pet kitties, they are common pets with most households having them but they are also dangerous not only to other animals but to humans who try to catch them.
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