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I dont care if its just as humane, im not that much of a dead eye myself, not to mention if you put a bullet in the head of someones pet, whether its presence is a nuisance or not, then you could be in big trouble. I personally wouldnt shoot an animal unless it was attacking me and I felt I had no other choice.

I agree with you to an extent, and my cats are strictly indoors, for their OWN safety. Cats are creatures who inhabit this earth the same as you and I do, and if they mess up your flower beds and crap in your driveway, that still isnt a license to blow them away. Call me nuts but I believe my cats have souls. They know when Im having a bad day, and they are smart as hell. My 25 pound neutered male can actually turn doorknobs and open doors.

I still say a spay/netuer and re-release, or better still taking them to shelters and pounds if you have them in your area, is a much better route to go than a .22

Poison is a CRUEL HEARTLESS way to eliminate a cat. These arent mosquitos here. And animals SUFFER when poisoned. Period. You make something suffer willingly, and your karma will come back to getcha.

and im done arguing about this. It appears that despite the opportunity to make a postive difference without being cruel, people arent willing to take that much time away from their decadent and selfish "dominant species" lives to take an active roll in humane and effective solutions. A pity. Hopefully by the time my kids have grandkids, cats wont be on the endangered species list, but with attitudes like that floating around, it wouldnt surprise me.

no hard feelings concept. I just dont think people have a right to run around killing things. Its the hippie pagan in me.

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