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RRR hypocracy

When I was young and just started getting envolved in the fantastic world of reptiles, I donated some of my time to the RRR. Unaware and naive to their extremist and ridiculous politics I voluntered for about 6 weeks. I became increasingly more and more aware of their backwards and inhumane meathods of husbandry.

This following story was the reason I left (among many other reasons!). I was confronted by the director of the RRR and told that they had just found 20 Boa Constrictor (Imperator) newborns in their enclosure. Thats right, thay had bred snakes in an already overcrowded hell hole. They told me to keep quiet and then asked if I could house them at my home. It was not possible for me to accomodate these snakes and I quit the RRR with the overwhelming sense of disbelief they would actually house male and female snakes together and keep the neonates. Now i do not know what the ultimate fate of the snakes was, but I would not rule out sale.

These people are beyond reason, and I trully hope stories like the one I have just told you will cripple their reputation to the general public. Especially those who donate their money for their "good cause".

Thank you,

Sean Muir
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