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Hey all,
I'm the one that Leon was shipping to. I had not doubt that what Leon told me about his trip to the airport was true becase we have been friends for quite sometime. He did give me the number though and insisted that I call so I did.
The guy I spoke with was the same guy that Leon had, and sure enough, he said that anything over 24" had to be in a sturdy wooden box with internal supports. I mentioned that I knew of people who had been shipping for years using the styrofoam box method and he said that he couldn't let everyone break the rules.
He said that the box had to be non crushable. He said that it had to be able to withstand having 7200 lbs being set on it!!!! I thought that was crazy cause I don't even know if a normal wooden crat could withstand that kind of weight. Can you set 7200 lbs on a dog or cat carrier???? I don't think so!!! I see in the quotes posted here that the box has to be able to witstand 100 lbs from other things on top of it which is much more reasonable.
My personal thoughts are just that this guy at the airport was some old guy who didn't like the idea of snakes being shipped because I have never heard of anyone having any issues shipping in styrofoam containers. Don't know if he misunderstood the regulations or if he just wanted to be difficult.

I will also say that all of Leon's packing materials were perfect for shipping. I was home on the east coast earlier this summer at which time I inspected the animal and got to have a look at what he was shipping in and it followed the guidelines of a post made here a little while back. I think it was labled something like "How to ship in Canada". So Leon did a great job with the shipping. We ended up going with Westjet, they were still very thorough in checking the contents of the box, packaging etc but they took it. It was either build a big a** wooden crate or have Leon drive 3 hrs with insane gas prices (I helped out a bit on the gas) to the Westjet airport. Thanks Leon for driving

I really hope that this is the only instance of problems with shipping here in Canada that we all come up against. It would make things difficult if everyone had to ship in wooden crates that "Had to be able to support 7200 lbs"!!!!

Thanks again Leon for the amazing animal and for the trouble you had to go through for the shipping!

Also, thanks to everyone here who posted for the info. Again, hopefully we won't see another instance of this in Canada anytime soon but keep us posted if you do!!!!

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