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Jeff - I think you might have been having a late night again The plastic containers refernece is from the individual packing requirements for snakes. The blurb prior is regarding primary packing conatainers.

Roy - I was going to order the manual, but the are revisiting it in September I think and I didn't want an outdated copy. I was able to get them to fax me just the reptile and amphibian sections for temporary reference. If you are interested in a copy, I'd be able to arrange something for you.

Those wooden crates are still outlined as appropriate shipping containers and the manual gives several designs/ideas of different speceis. It also outlines how many animals per bag/sized bag you are allowed to pack, etc. These ugly, primative looking wooden crates are still used regularly in the wholesale industry.
Yes, that quote was referring to deli cups. This is why I use SOLO's......toughest deli I've ever seen.

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