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Jon, I'm a bit surprised too..but I suspect many Canadian herpers have yet to export internationally with CITES.
And yes, I received a sand boa export CITES a couple weeks ago and Stamped right on the front of it in a black box was
"For live animals this permit is only valid if the transport conditions conform to the Guidelines for Transport of live animals or in the case of air transport to the IATA regulations"

Jon did you actually buy the IATA LAR manual.??

I no longer export enough to justify it, but I'd sure like to see a copy if you could loan it at the next show.
I used to have some pages from the old one but I dont recall ever paying for it. I'm not sure if it used to be free or perhaps I actually got it from Ottawa with an old CITES export permit
It used to show a wooden crate with numerous comparments/dividers, with holes in it, but it's obviously obsolete now.

A couple years back when I imported from Steve Osborne, I questioned him on his professional looking cardboard and styro boxes.
Steve works for the FAA, and mentioned to me that the IATA rules had been re written for herp transporting and that styros and deli cups were now OK... I assume your reference to plastic containers above, means Deli type containers and they are talking about stacking numerous containers one on top the other which is standard practive for neonate snakes.

For anyone interested here is the link to the
IATA publications website
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