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ACk- Kimos mom must be cool as hell, because if I snuck a snake into my house then she would have freaked and probably KILLED it, if not dumped it outside, when she found it.

KIMO!! Stop telling the young people to disobey their folks! Thats a risky thing to advise!

My suggestion is that you learn all you can learn right now, and simply discuss it with them regularly. Dont push it too much though. Maybe take your mom with you to the pet store, and ask the employees to take some snakes out to show you, and so your mom can see them being handled. While you are their, you can tell her about the snakes you see. Hopefully regular trips of doing that, in addition to seeing your interest in what is definitely an educational hobby, she might surpise you and change her mind.

Ultimately, if she doesnt, you should respect her wishes. If you arent paying rent, then really it would be VERY disrespectful to bring animals into the house that you KNOW she wouldnt want their, and that is not only not likely to work, but may earn you some consequences, too.

It takes time to show people who are reluctant and afraid that its not really so scary- I worked on my husband for 3 months before he finally agreed, but he did eventually conceed, and he is learning to like my snake, slowly but surely. I wish you the best of luck. If she still says no, you wont live their forever, so sooner or later, you will get your snake =)

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