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M suri-

Now I love my kitties that live in my house- and I hardly would call them a vile destructive species. Its not all THAT tragic. As a cat lover and enthusiast, I am kinda insulted by you saying that housecats are a bane. And mine do stay inside, but there are still responsible pet owners who vaccinate and sterilize any animal they allow outside, and Im ok with that.

As a herper- you would be tickled if you found snakes in your yard, whereas most people who had that would call the snakes a bane and run to the garage to get something to whack their heads off with (also not cool in my book.)

And yes, unfortunately extermination is part of the solution. In my neighborhood I scoop up all the ferals (male and female) that I can get and take them to the SN wagon. The only reason I feel comfortable doing so is that I have talked to my neighbors and know I am not having surgery performed on their pets, so im not worried about getting sued. The reason I suggested males for fed up people is because it is unlikey that their owners (if they have any) will realize this has happened.

Extermination can be performed humanely at shelters and pounds, as well.

While spaying and neutering a few cats may not solve the problem completely, as you are right, it would be veritably impossible to get ALL of them, it will reduce the number of breeding animals, and still HELP with the problem, even if not a foolproof solution. And yes, you can re-release them. I usually keep them in my spare carriers for a couple of days so they can heal up post op, and then i let them back out. I cant keep all these cats, but I am at least actively trying to improve the problem instead of simply spitting out complaints about the "menace" cats.

Extermination may indeed be warranted- but leave that to the shelters and pounds. If you take the cat to them, even if it is euthanized, it wont be in your neighborhood anymore. and hopefully- they can find a home for it.
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