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you might try this trick, it worked for me, my mother was quite against snakes in our house, but she was an uneducated individual in the world of reptiles, so i snuck in a lil kenyan sand boa, and never told her...i mean it's small, it stays small, it lives in a small cage, and a month later i cam home from work to mother playing with the lil thing after she found it!!!! She didn't know that snakes could be so beautiful and some quite peaceful! it broke the Ice quite nicely, and since, my snake collection has grown...point is, most people dont know that much about snakes, my suggestion, go out an buy a book, showing the different types of snakes out there, and take ur mom out for coffee (lil bribeing never hurt) and explain to her/educate her on these wonderful animals...who knows she might see somthing in the book she likes?

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