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I dont want to "open a can of worms here", and being a newcomer, I dont want to get off on a bad foot, but...I have been reading posts for a while and I have to agree with Cruciform. Mykee does have a tendancy to "attack" people instead of politely giving advice. I will say that he/she does seem to know a lot about snakes..etc...etc. But being rude and making people feel stupid for asking certain questions doesnt help us OR the snakes. There are plenty of other people on this site who seem to give out as wonderful advice as mykee, but in a kind way. This site is successful for a number of reasons, snakes and PEOPLE being a couple of those reasons. Now, I know I am at risk of a thrashing from mykee for this post but at least I wont be the who make mistakes with their snakes arent neccessarily bad people...Hence, people who know a lot about snakes arent neccessarly good people. Like I said, we need the snakes AND the people for this site. If we were all know-it-alls and rude...we wouldnt need this site for help and advice...I hope I am still welcome here cuz I am still learning...thx for listening
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