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Well after finally getting through at my Air Canada they then gave me the number.

1 - 866 - 615 - 1155

This takes you to live animal cargo information department.

I simply asked if you have a snake from 15 - 36" or more packaged in a small plastic container and made secure then placed in some support like rolled up or crunched newspaper or Styrofoam chips then inside a Styrofoam box and strong cardboard box and sealed and labeled as they instruct. Or if you have a few snakes in same package done the same way. I even described the cardboard box dimensions of 24" x 24" x 12" (average size).

The agent on the phone said that is perfect.

I then said reason why I am asking is because I heard there might be new rules placed recently on shipping reptiles and snakes that are 24 inches into wooden crates.

They said there is no new rules and they have not heard of the crate system unless on really large 30 plus lbs animals. In this case I myself agree too.

The agent said the way I described the packaging for snakes is perfect and no reason to see otherwise. And they do not know of this new rule which they would be the ones to enforce anyways. So LEONCURRIE all I can say is something happened with you at your location, maybe a new agent trying to do things by the book to the extreme or they felt you did something wrong in the shipping or something else. Not saying you did something wrong, only saying from this phone call I made today about 15 minutes ago. The normal standard shipping methods I use and others use seems to be fine.

So all of you thinking a new crate business, lol........sell your

Hope this helps, if not call them yourselves.

My 2 cents, back in my pocket.



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