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Thanks! Really nice gecko, it's true their eyes look a bit alike!

Emily, American bobtail was my first choice, it's funny you mention that! I found a really nice long hair silver tabby with a 3inches tail that I wanted but, since I had already 3 other cats in the house, it's already alot of hairlost!!! That why I decide for a rex. I got him yesterday and paid 350can$ for him but usually they go for around 500-600 here. Hard to tell you about their personality since I don't have him for so long but soo far it's just like what I read, they are really like dog, follow you everywhere, like everyone. He's either playing and running aroud of taking a nap on me. Ra's nice for a name!

Any pics of your Bobtail, I love their wild look. Where you got her?
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