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I ship my leos with Air Canada all the time, well at least when I have orders that need to be shipped.

I've never had a problem and I always ship with styrofoam lined boxes. Once, however, I did have an attendant ask me how the geckos were packaged inside. I can understand them asking this but if they don't open the box and check, I could tell them anything I want.

Once I had the attendant give me a bit of regulation info to read and then asked me if they were packaged according to this. I don't think they were packed EXACTLY as stated but I told him what I had them packed in, etc, etc, and he said "Sounds close enough to me as long as they can get air and are packaged individually."

Trust me, if I ever am shipping any type of snake and they want it crated I'll tell them where to shove that rule and mention how geckos, fish, rodents, etc, are shipped and why on earth should snakes be shipped any differently?!?!?!?!

My two cents anyway.

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