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I have always shipped in wooden crates when I did the bulk of my exporting to the USA.. I haven't shipped anything in quite a few years and was actually shocked to find out that people were simply using styrofoam with no wooden external. When we used to order from Tom Crutchfield and Louis Porras they would always ship in the wooden crates... It was always the way in the 80's and 90's... I'm not sure when the wooden crate rule started being bypassed.
I must admit it is odd that you can ship fish in styro and carrboard but not herps.
The IATA rules have always been a pain and the worst part is , its unpredictable what you'll be told at the airport from one day to another. Sometimes they are followed by the letter and other times they are not.
There was a time when every snake had to be suspended in a bag, then inside a container. I still have a box of Steve Hammacks old socks from when he used to ship to me in the 90's. His shipment was rejected because the snakes weren't suspended in bags, inside secondary containers.. On top of that American airlines requires a vert certificate to ship snakes out of the USA... and even know its not a Canadian requirement his cargo (my snakes) were refused boarding until he got a vet letter which is ridiculous. As if a vet can tell if a snake is carrying anything.

You guys are lucky Air Canada still takes snakes in Canada.
I recently had to scrap flying a shipment to Texas. Air Canada has stopped taking all cargo to DFW and most of the US airlines require you to be a verified shipper(like Delta and US air) I had access to Delta through a friend but they wanted 168 bucks flat rate to take live animals and it still wouldn't have arrived before US customs closed at 5PM... which is a huge problem in the states because most airlines wont hold live cargo overnight.
Getting animals to customers will continue to be a huge hassle both internationally and domestically.
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