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Wow, this will put a few of us out when it comes to shipping. I myself have not shipped anything this past week so I don' t know what this situation is but will check both airlines tomorrow. Never had a problem before since my methods are somewhat over kill at times on packaging.

Youn mention they result of you going to Air Canada and then being denied. My question is this and please don' t take offense it is simply part 2 to that situation.

What were you shipping and describe the method you used to package them animals in detail, please?

Everything from protecting the animal to securing it in it package and the airlines basic standard rules. Reason I ask is maybe they saw something that was not up to par and then they went to an extreme description of what they want done. Because I once was asked something like this by Air Canada and they started reading the manual to me. Then I said how I have done it for years with fish and boids and parrots and they said it was OK.

Again please don' t take offense as I do not know you and your shipping methods so I simply want part 2 to this situation.

Thank you.


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