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In no way was i trying to offend or insult YOU or YOUR intelligence.

But, You have to understand that you keeping Hots has an affect on everyone on this site as well as anyone else in Canada keeping reptiles. So i think I and anyone else has the right to question your knowledge and experience.

The same way one would question a newie who has a BP and is thinking about purchasing a retic as there second snake.

I am a firm believer that age does hold a certain amount of weight when dealing with Hots, however questionable. i believe that there is a certain amount of experience (that comes with time) one must have, to keep potentially fatal snakes.
Something that most teens dont have, not neccessarily meaning you.

Now, I was assuming u didn't have antivenom, and all the required bases covered, and it seemed like you were going to order these snakes sooner then later.
and someone of your demographics isnt the typical hot keeper.
Thus, the reason i was so concerned and questioning you.

In the end, the choice is up to you. i am just one of the many concerned herpers who is out to protect everyone in this hobby and to make sure ppl are completely ready for whatever situation they put themselves in.

You cant blame a person for caring.
I could have easily, not givin my 2 cents, and not care.
I didn't see anyone else ask u if u are experienced enough to work with hots? and that bothers me, because how can one give advice on such a serious issue, (which keeping hots is a very serious issue), without knowing/asking how experienced the person is?

Anyways, Maybe im totally off here.
just some stuff to think about. .

Grant van Gameren
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