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YAY- my 2 cents time. Ive been watching this one for a while, as my neighborhood is absolutely OVERRUN with feral cats, yet I have 3 housecats that are my little buddies- Im gonna be one of those dotty cat ladies once I hit age 80.

Bottom line- DONT POISON CATS- not only is it against the basic animal cruelty law, but if you poison someone's pet cat that happens to be in your yard (there are no leash laws for cats here, nor in most places- only dogs) then they could sue the HEC out of you for vet bills, or worse if you killed their beloved pet.

Options?? Well- what IVE been doing is gathering up the MALE feral cats in the neighborhood and waiting for the St. Francis of Assisi SPAY AND NEUTER bus that comes around about once a month- you can take animals there and drop them off to be spayed or neutered for about 5 bucks a piece. I cant promise none of them are pets of people- but if you neuter a male he still has a little something down there usually- and more than likely their owners (if they have any) wouldnt even be able to tell.

Also- you can scoop up any animal on your property and take it to the pound or shelter if you have one in your area. They will care for and find homes for the cat if they are a no-kill shelter, or at least euthenize it humanely if it comes down to that.

This year I have already had more kittens than I know what to do with. The neighbors feel sorry for them and put food out for them so they stick around- but no one is actually willing to take claim them as a pet, which would mean spending money for shots, etc.

I don't condone the intentional killing of any animal simply because its presence is annoying me. And I know just how annoying having cats spray all around your yard, house and deck is.

What really scares me though is the fact that these cats traipse around unvaccinated near all the kids in the neighborhood. Little kids love to try and "pet the kitty." Fortunately most of the ferals wont let people get close to them.

I say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. If you need these cats to go away- scoop em up and have em spayed/neutered and re-release, or take them to a shelter. It isnt right to kill them because their natural behavior is annoying to you- and it may not be anyones cat that is in your yard, it might be a feral.

Also- way early in this post one person who said they worked in a Vet clinic or something mentioned a Cat Repellant???

Anyone know anything about that??? Id sprinkle some in my yard!

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