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yeah thanks! my email address is if anyone wants to forward a letter that i can print out and send to city council. but keep in mind, i'm not trying to get rid of the by-law, just adjust it so it's not so generalized and sketchy. here's a couple quotes from the by-law that should help understand how silly it's worded, and btw, it was made in 1985, maybe it is time for a change:

"exotic animal" means an animal not indigenous to Canada and not commonly kept as a household pet in Canada, whether or not such animal is a "wild animal" as defined herein"

"it's illegal to keep non-poisonous snake whose adult length is 600 mm (2 ft.) or more on public property without license."

"any exotic animal, venomous snakes and snakes not indigenous to Canada, venomous reptiles, venomous insects or venomous spiders"

"any snake, reptile, insect or spider not otherwise prohibited by this by-law unless they are housed in an escape-proof enclosure"
-on a side note, it really doesn't seem to matter about the escape-proof enclosure, i've asked...

if you'd like to read further into it, here's the link to the full by-law:

thanks for the interest!
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