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I really can't help you with your petition question but I can say that letters from informed individuals often recieve a lot more consideration from those responsible for changing by-laws. In addition to this, letters from out-of-towners more likely to 'count' then out-of-towners signitures, simply because they can viewed as a responsable, concerned expert rather than just some dolt who can spell their own name. We are fortunate here at to have a large number of people all concerned with the plight of the urban herper. I'm sure if you further drew their attention to the issue and provided an e-mail address several of them would donate a letter, I know I would. I think it would certainly be worth a try. If you could get together some info on this by-law and where to write to change it and but it in a new thread (one not tainted by such pessimism), you would get some good responces. Windsor cannot have more then a couple dozen paranoid citizens who brought this by-law about, I bet we can match those numbers.

Good Luck, I look forward to your reply.

Cam Hanna
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