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Drat! I think I missed it! If someone DOES manage to get a .mov or .avi file of the clip, could you post it here?!? I REALLY want to see it!
I did catch the CTV news on Channel 9. They also aired a segment where a reporter returned to the Reptile Refuge and asked why the snakes were housed together and why they pulled that publicity stunt yesterday. It was rather amusing to watch "Spring... whatever his name is" back peddle and stammer at the sudden turn of the media. He used the excuse again that snakes like companionship, which the reporter quickly shot down. They also interviewed "Brad" (I am REALLY horrid with last names...) who worked with snakes for the local film industry. It was good to see an intelligent person being interviewed for once!
Several people mentioned the WSPCR and FVHS offering to help rehome "abandoned" reptiles. Currently the WSPCR does take in reptiles and finds them suitable homes. I'm not sure if the FVHS does or not. I think it is a great idea to offer the assistance of these two herp societies to the RRR to help finding suitable experienced homes for some, or all, of the animals at the Refuge now.
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