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I was just doing some thinking. Maybe Henry Piorun Reptiles could offer to find good, responcable homes for the herps at the shelter and donate all the profits back to the shelter. It seems like the opposite of what were going for but in doing so you would make RRR more of a go between then the storehouse it is now. On top of that people would see that for enough money the RRR would modify their stance and that reps aren't so bad. Plus it's great publicity for Henry Piorun Reptiles. If they don't go for it then they are turning down plenty of free money, so why would anyone else decide to fund them? Maybe because the funders know that reps aren't good pets for anyone. But then there's that burm and it's so tame, and you say all the snakes would go to good homes. It makes it hard for the RRR to look good. Let me know what you think.

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