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I say whack her into small enough chunks to feed to the specimens they "keep" as they are most likely all in need of a meal anyhow Heh Heh.
I wonder if I went to the media & stated that I was say a Cat rescue & that I let the animals breed yearly just so I could drown all the kitttens they produce because they will be unwanted & better off dead if I would be viewed as a media hero too. Saving the public from these horrible unwanted creatures. Probably not eh I can't see the difference myself, but then again I'm not a "Journalist" either LOL It hard to believe that a REAL newspaper even prints this crap. I too would like to see a real reporter do a story on her rescue & let the real truth be known. Any of you BCers have a petition started to shut down this HELLHOLE? If so please post a link. I would like to visit her in person myself & chat to her personally, but I don't think my head can fit far enough up my butt to see things from her perspective. Mark
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