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I just picked up the Province and found Amanda's WSPCR Letter to the Editor. She is well spoken and her point is well made. Congrats Amanda!

my personal opinion is: I dont think any investigative journalism is going to bring this little group of the misinformed down. You need to file a law suit against them.

I just want to make one point clear. This is only ONE incident in Africa of an African Rock Python eating a child. Thats ONE documented case. Its unheard of and yet they are reporting it like its an everyday occurance. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Also, in the report Mr. Springate stated the African Rock python was 15 feet. Well that snake they took the eggs from was no more than 10 feet a very small reptile for her age. It is guessed because she has been bred five times so far this has stunted her growth. Food for thought.

Its really very sad!
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