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Guys Us Canadian Herpers have been learning for years now for a fight just like this one.

you don't need a spy in there at all. What you need is some on that will volentarly open there doors to the media on a positive note and do a split screan you know the B4 and After shots a Jenny Creig.

But have one side true the other false one side proper husbendry the other improper what ever hapend to leaving the eggs with the mother. come and try and take away my baby I will chase you up a tree and kill you too and I am human LOL...

the media wants only the dirt they dont care if it make reptiles look good they want dirt we have pet stores that sell roties and stuff but then tere are puppy mills with one is the more fround appon.

Show them the only reason these animals are lashing out and trying to hurt ppl is cause they are in extreamly poor condition and in the hands of some one with half a brain there would be no problems and nprety much put it out there that if RRR can not take rthe heat of rescues then get out of the kitch and to stop pissing and moaning about how over whelmed bthe may be geting. and for the love of good soome one plz tell the media that Rocks are not colubrids and are not knowed to double clutch I have never heard of it but I am sure that it would not happen under there husbendry skills. well I am done talking hope you can beet this.

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