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To the original poster... As has been mentioned, local petitions can be the first step in identifying what kind of battle you have before you. At the very least it generates a list of people who might be inclined to help with further attempts should the petition in and of itself prove ineffectual in swaying the local legislative bodies. Internet petitions are of questionable value but handwritten signatures from residents? Go for it.

There is no such thing as a responsible reptile owner who disobeys animal laws either Mykee. If you were keeping animals in violation of local laws, when your idiot *** gets caught, it just makes life harder for everyone else. Either apply for the required permits or work to change the laws, circumventing them is what criminals do and you have no business calling yourself responsible if you're doing so or encouraging others to do so.
-Seamus Haley
"Genes, Like Leibnitz's monads, have no windows; the higher properties of life are emergent... And once assembled, organisms have no windows." - Edward Wilson, Sociobiology
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