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Anyway, back on topic.

The problem with letting existing by-laws stay as they are is that once they are in place, they're only going to become more strict over time.

Every bit of bad press about reptile owners will stick in their memories, because you never hear anything about "Herp owner raises healthy pets for 30 years.", or "Harmless ball python kept in apartment".

Our councils are supposed to represent the people, but they often end up only supporting the vocal minorities because that's the only groups they hear from. If someone complains about snakes, and no one steps up to defend the animals or their owners, you get a new law about 60 cm limits, or complete bans, within a city.

It's not the average, enforce-by-complaint bylaw that you see today that is the problem. It's the next version of it where they resolve to destroy any exotic animal they find within city limits. Looks at some of the proposed laws being sponsored in the US. Soon it may be illegal to breed snakes at all in some places. How would you like to be a breeder and have your collection seized and destroyed because you posted a pic of a new batch of young on the forums.

Even if you can't get by-laws removed, having them amended to clarify or correct is a big step forward.
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