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We all know Nicholas Read is one of the Schrammites. He and Christine, his pal, have over the years written many slamming reports against the WSPCR, any of the events put on by them. He is very anti-reptile. He is a bad reporter b/c we all know reporters shouldn't have opinions. There has been much slandering against reptile owners and especially the WSPCR.

It's true. This sort of stuff has lead to reptile bans. Think Kelowna, think Surrey, think Maple Ridge. The Schrammites have led to many of these partial bans in the GVRD. Partial b/c the WSPCR has been at MANY of these council meetings, and petitioned against full bans.

When Maple Ridge tried to ban reptiles outright, people all across the country and EVEN the United States wrote to the mayor and he was totally blown away by the response. Let's try this again, eh?
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