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I just saw the late night broadcast of this rediculous situation! They said they had 5 OTHER clutches of eggs from the SAME FEMALE and they were all destroyed as well! You'd think SOMEONE from the news media would question WHY they kept the male and female together in the first place. There was no mention in the later newscast of the snakes eating small children, but I'm sure the damage has already been done by that statement.
I will definately be calling the BCTV TV station tomorrow and would encourage everyone else from B.C. to do the same! Perhaps if the "presidents" of both the Fraser Valley Herp Society and WSPCR called and invited the news media to a "conference" or whatever you call it, perhaps we could "sway" things a bit to OUR side for once. I'm not saying to go out and "trash" the RRR as that won't come across good. But perhaps PUBLICALLY offering EXPERT assistance to the RRR IN FRONT OF THE PRESS, and make the recommendation of separating the male and female. Private offers of help are obviously ignored or treated with derision by the RRR, but perhaps a PUBLIC offer through the news media, well... at the VERY least they would have to explain WHY they are refusing help from experts. There are several VERY knowledgeable people in both the FVHS and WSPCR, people who I would consider to be "experts" who have been dealing with various reptiles for decades. One person comes to mind has been dealing with reptiles probably longer than I've been alive and I'm sure most of the people from B.C. know who I'm referring to...
Anyways... that's my less than humble offering...
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