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didnt see this and dont know much about whats goin on about this any articles anyone has on the net about this,i do know that a snake probably wouldnt hunt for kids the kids would have to go into its territory and maybe even bother it this is probably due to parents not watching there kids,oh and in my opinion if i was a snake and you came walkin on my territory and bothered me id eat your *** up too.
I don't think there's a snake in the world that chases people. They won't eat kids. They're absolutely unable to give any concrete examples of this happening. All they told me was it happens more than is reported. If that is the case, how do they know. I'm going to keep on trusting the word of guys like Mark O'Shea and Dr. Fry when it comes to the behavioural biology of reptiles.

The main arguement from the side of those that seek to ban reptile keeping, is that these are wild animals. Again is simply not the case. There thousands of reptiles bred in captivity every year. Think of the numbers Bob Clark produces alone. These are not wild animals.

I really think I'm going to send them an email encouraging them to try to ban horses. Think about it. More people die each year riding horses than any other sport. They are often mistreated and neglected. Infact I'm the only one that can properly care for them. Think about too, how dangerous dogs are. And birds, look at the damage they're causing. I'm sure we could get the public good and terrified of horses. They eat people. It's not often reported, but it happens. Same type of argument.
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