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A petition doesn't "force" them to be educated. It allows the people seeking to be heard a chance to voice their concerns before council. The signature requirements are simply there so that every whacko off the street doesn't end up in front of council.

It hurts no one to educate the people who make the laws so that they can differentiate between responsible owners and idiots.

I get so sick of your negative crap when responding to people. When new people come in and start asking questions because they have the wrong setup for their animal or haven, you typically snap at them before providing information. And it's useful info, and yes they should do their homework first, but talking to them as if they're an idiot right off the bat doesn't make people receptive to that information.

If you're so adamant about not fighting the by-laws in your community then by all means do absolutely nothing. After all, it doesn't affect you.
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