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If I may be so bold as to speak for the people who are "just plain stupid to live in fear": I do not live in fear of being 'caught' by the big bad awful by-law officers. However, I am a responsible reptile owner in that regardless of law, I keep my reptiles inside and away from people that might have a problem with me/them. If such a by-law is passed in Windsor as you would like, it would be only a matter of time before some idgit goes for a walk with a 'now legal' reptile around his/her neck: "'cuz it's not against the law" AND IT WILL HAPPEN. (I've seen it in Toronto many times, in bars, streets and such...) disturbing even one person who is offended and petitions Council to ban said reptiles AGAIN and puts even a half-a$$ed effort into it; DONE. Even stricter laws, congratulations. I don't hide in a closet with my snake(s) fearing anyone from "finding me out". I'm also not a "criminal with no rights" as Mike so crudely put it, there are by-laws everywhere, and it doesn't stop I'd guess more than half of 'us' from owning what we want, 'we're' just smart about it. It's their right to pass a by-law, but a forced education on someone who is not receptive is just futile, especially if you are putting your reptiles in harms way in the process. They've made up their minds, the laws are there either deal with it responsibly by not flaunting your banned exotics, or move to a city that is more accepting. These are my personal feelings on the matter, and I quite honestly have nothing against fighting for your right to own exotics. I own quite a few myself, but why try to overturn a law THAT DOESN'T AFFECT YOU? What are you attempting to gain? To own a banned exotic? You already do. Is it to drum up more business for your employer? You deserve a raise. I rant, However you have taken my posts, knwo that I truly wish you the best of luck with your attempt, and I hope you suceed. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck.
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