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What really upsets me is there isn't anyone (in B.C. atleast) giving these animals some good press. I really feel there 1. needs to be some form of government regulating the keeping of these animals (ei. licensing) and 2. there needs to be some national organization that focuses on P.R. and public education. I think when it's just a bunch of us scattered around saying,"no this isn't the truth." to all the claims made by Rainforest it's really easy to write us off as just a bunch of wackos. We need a face and a voice in the media and it needs to be a good one.
The WSPCR has been single-handedly been the society representing the herpers of BC against this kinda bad press. They have been doing an awesome job but, unfortunately, the number of voices (though loud) are small. What we need is to make use of this body (WSPCR) and add fuel to their firey momentum to make a single voice become a loud shout. Sorry for the analogies. This "Schrammite" society (BC folk should know what I'm talking about) has been the only other thing besides my loved ones which angers me as much, and when I get upset, I speak in analogies.

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