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well i'm not looking to get ontario laws changed, just a little windsor by-law. from what i've been reading on the city council website, people win petitions on by-laws all the time. i'm not asking to legalize stem-cell research, abortions, religious human sacrifices, or captial punishment. it's just keeping herps as pets like every other city and town does already without problems.

thanks so much for the support Cruciform!!!

...and to the rest who have or will post negatively, just sit around and wait until your local government does the same or makes it so you can only masterbate in a closet, with the lights off, with a permit to do so.
i'd rather do it the legal way and feel good about owning herps instead of being worried someone might see them and have them taken away. thats just plain stupid to live in that kind of fear!

n e way this post was actually only meant to find out if anyone knew HOW MANY signatures and if it was just going to be too many to bother, not if the cause itself was a lost one. sorry if i'd worded that in a confusing way.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.
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