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Don't listen to Mykee.

He shoots down every single mention by anyone of making any attempt to change the by-laws or educate the people who pass them. Apparently it's better to be a criminal with no rights, than to change a dumb law.

Unless you come right out and say "I have illegal animals in my house and would like someone to come search it" they can't do a heck of a lot.

As long as they're not visible to the public from outside or the front door, and there haven't been complaints of "dangerous animals", you should be fine.

You don't have to state on the petition that you even have such animals. The petition would be about changing the law so that people *can* have them. Finding places to post them might be hard. You could end up having to go door to door. If you're in school, start a herp club and get the local kids together to start a plan of action. Kids who are smart and speak out well are darlings to the press.

Someone here in St. Thomas recently petitioned to have driveway basketball hoops made legal again. Apparently some dorks decided it was bad for kids to be able to have fun. The petition stated that they needed to collect X number of signatures before a specific date in order for the petition to be heard by council. So before starting your petition in earnest, find out what the local procedure is, then work out your plan of attack.

Good luck
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