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St. Jacob's Show Pic's

First off i would like to thank Hip for the pictures. Joe and Melissa for having all of us over....and the organizers of the St.Jacob's Reptile show for a fine day.

Before i put some pics up i have to share a story and somewhat defend i know what others will write here. The Day started off right. I got up and got ready with some more free give-aways in hand ready for new adventure. I was going to car pool on this fine day with Tony Lamamamamamanadingdong, Inked..Hip...and others! Well at 11:00a.m. i find out that Matt (a.k.a Inked) has no ride. So i being the nice guy that i am, decide that i would shower...get dressed and drive to matt's house which he said was only 30 minutes away to pick him up....and still have time to meet tony at the McDonalds to get my ride from to the show.

Matt was kind enough to give me directions...and they were simple.....well simple if the directions made sense! Sure there was only three roads i had to travel on....but you have to understand if you trying to find a town who changes its population sign everytime a car goes through it...odds are its not as easy as everyone says. So i got lost....and more lost....i tried to phone matt but i wrote down the number wrong...i followed the map i drew and ended up driving almost to the manitoba border...yes after 348 kms maybe i should have turned around. I finally ended up in a very small town and stopped off at a local parking lot to ask for direction. I drove to the back of the lot to soon find out that the Hell's Angels where there for a gathering and just happened to be in the parking lot.

I got out, crossed my fingers and asked for directions....not only where these guys totally cool, i shot the guff with them for a bit and they set me straight on the right way (Thanks Guys). I finally was on the right track....okay sort i broke down and called home for the number....gee thats the same thing i wrote i tried it again. This time the guy on the other line wished me luck in finding Matt as he was still not there even though id only called fifteen times (thanks who ever you where).

So i checked Tony's number...aha...i had that wrong too, i phoned his number explained the situation and told him to go on his way...i got the proper number off of tony for matt and called matt....I dont remember what exactly i said...but i think i was swearing....

Long story short....the 86 prelude did as much as it could to get the two of us to the show.....we finally made it there with ten minutes left to i enjoyed watching everyone pack their stuff up....better luck next year, Shane
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