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Car mechanic, turned heavy truck mechanic, turned heavy truck mobile mechanic, turned heavy equipment mobile mechanic. I have a love hate relationship with my job. The hours are far too numberous, sometimes outside in mud, lying under a bulldozer, in the rain or in the snow makes me wonder why i bother doing it....then my paycheck comes in a quickly realize why. I love the mechanical aspect of it, i love and have always loved fixing things. I particularily like being mobile, its just me, the machine and my tools, no one to help, no one for advice, just make sure you fix it, companies don't like to hear that you can't. It makes for an interesting and often frustrating day sometimes, but the challenge makes you strong, and the feeling of satisfaction i get from figuring out something that took hours or days is often a great feeling once you finally get it right...its hard to explain but i guess in the end i just love and need to fix things
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