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Angry Reptile Refuge at it again!

Are any of you aware of the fact that Mr. Springgate from The Reptile Refuge has got the media up in arms about the African Rock Python that they have bred. Stating the Animal is too dangerous to take the eggs away from and no "python" expert on staff. They decided to notify the media to send a camera crew down to film the mother snake having her eggs taken away and the eggs destroyed. As it said in the Vancouver Sun (thursday) written by Mr. Read an African Rock Python is know to eat people especially small children" .

I saw in the Vancouver Province today a huge ad with Tony Parsons picture and a baby African Rock Python picture with the caption:


How to stop it from reproducing.
You'll see it tonight
News Hour with Tony Parsons.
Tonight @ 6:00 .. BCTV NEws.

So to answer the Question how do you stop if from Reproducing? Donít put a female rock python in with a male rock python. That would be helpful to start.. I guess no one asked why they were breeding it in the first place?

Mr. Springgate's Comment to Mr. Read was.. " Some one else created this problem" ..
My answer to that is "No the Reptile Refuge created this problem through thier careless, stupidity of placing two rock pythons together and letting them bred. They should be ashamed of themselves for creating this problem (a problem they rail against and yet they have done it themselves) they are neglagent, irresponsibile pet owners.

My comment to that is the sheer hypocracy of that supposed ďReptile RefugeĒ that takes in these unwanted reptiles but allows NO ADOPTION Program because no one can possibly look after these animals but them. They are garnering financial support through ignorance.

I also question why the sensationalistic slant everything from them has to take. The media loves the words Dangerous, Monster, Man-eating, Killer, all negative. Thatís because the media wants you terrified. They fill your heads with danger its how they slowly erode away your rights! They know absolutely nothing about these animals and yet they listen to the worst most negligent and irresponsible group of people The anthropomorphic Rainforest Reptile Refuge. I ask you did the Reptile Rainforest bother to ask anyone in the lower mainland Reptile community for help with this big python?


And why?

Because they donít want help they just want media headlines of the most negative kind. This is just a way for them to say.. See? They are dangerous.

One last comment, if the Reptile refuge is so BURSTing at the seams with unwanted reptiles I would like to know why after 10 years they only have a handful of snakes? Because there isnít a problem!



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