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My dads truck and car were outside, but they were spared due to some large trees protecting them a little. Leaves and branches on alot of our trees were decimated. I have a picture of myself holding some larger than golfball sized hail in my hands, it was brutal. My friends(Reptile Aaron) basement flooded with 10 inches of water. I got nailed in the head by a chunk about marble sized, and a bunch of others on my hands, It stung pretty good. We went to Swiss Chalet for supper, and the roof was bowed, and there was water dripping from one spot! My dad(being an engineer) was very concerned after I alerted him of this, he told someone that worked there and they say "O yah! Its dripping thats why the bucket is there!", well duh! Thats brutal what happened at the mall too. And that tornado that touched down northeast of Edmonton, crazy. One of the worst July storms I've ever seen!

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