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Casacrow, sorry for my generalization,
It is perfectly legal to import/expot any type of venemous snake in Canada, however, there are only a few municipalities that allow the actual keeping of hots.
Well.....actually, there just isn't a law!
But as soon as a hots keeper moves in to a town with no By-law, and some of the locals find out. ....INSTANT-BYLAW!!!
Its instances like this that get pythons and boas banned.....
Cities think, well, we'll re-write the laws and ban Hots, and while were at it we'll ban pythons AND boas too!

Now one place i can think of that doesn't mind hots is Port colbourne.
This is where Mike Barron has moved his dragon farms establishment.
But we wont get into why hes still there and no by-laws have been made.

I dont have the sources that outline whos got what by-laws, etc...
because im not interested in hots, although very beautiful, i dont think they should be kept by private keepers. just my opinion.

But i look at it like this, if a by-law would be enacted in a municipality at the first instance of someone keeping hots. then in my eyes it is already illegal, and it doesn't make sense to try to keep hots just because the by-law doesn't actually state that they're illegal. Knowing that YOU, or whoever in question, could be responsible for MORE laws being made.
And making it worse off for the rest of us.
Many of the ppl who want hots, and who are capable of purchasing hots, arn't experienced enough for it.

I know a guy who keeps a rhino viper in Toronto, i also know the guy who let loose the Hot in Parkdale, Toronto a couple years back.
Both of these guys are hardly what i would consider representatives of the Hots community. But It is these instances that i speak about above.

Now Nikki, I believe u are a young lady, and im assuming ur probably not experienced enough to work with hots.
Do u know where you are gonna get the antivenom?
Do u have the tools to handle hots, do u have the skill and knowledge to be able to keep u, ur snake, ur family and ur neighbourhood safe?
I think if one was to keep hots your family should all know that they are potentially fatal, and should be taken very serious.
Do they know what to do if you get bitten, do they know what to do if they get bitten???
When u go to change there substrate, and have to remove them from the cage, what happens if they get loose and crawl into a vent?
Its things like this that must be taken into consideration very seriously, and IMO no onw should keep hots unless they have a full proof facility.

Anyways, im just ranbling on.
A concerned herper.

Grant van Gameren
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