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Black Rat Snake

Hello everyone

This Friday i went to Murhys Point Provincial Park in Ontario to see upclose the Black Rat Snake in its own territory.

After a long day of searching mother nature finally decided to reward me A 5f Black Rat snake was climbing down of a tree right in front of my eyes .

I didnt have my cam at the momment and didnt really want to disturb the animal so i just watched him glide throught the branches then watched him disappear in the bushes .

This might not mean anything to any of you but for me this day was awesome and will leave a large mark in my heart as I watched one of the biggest snake living on our own land in canada .

The Black Rat Snake is a species at risk in Ontario and like all of the species at risk it is very important to do whatever anyone can to help save this beast . I have seen it in action a god this animal is beautiful .

Anyway I dont have any pictures to share with you but just wanted to remind everyone that some beautiful reptiles lives closer to us then we tought and they are worth saving .

Have a good day everyone
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