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I am a singer/songwriter... but no one pays me for it! Lol

After high school (8 years ago... yikes!), I decided to pursue music full time. I worked odd jobs to get by but I actually did pretty well with the music thing. I was taken on by Chris Burke-Gaffney, the guy who got Chantal Kreviazuk her record deal as well as McMaster and James and a bunch of other artists. He's a great guy and very talented at what he does.

I was signed (once upon a time) to a development deal with Warner Bros. in the US. But that has all kind of "disappeared" for many different reasons including immigration laws, my manager got cancer and my family life kind of took over (and so have snakes ). Oh well... maybe one day I will seriously pursue it again.

Currently, I am enjoying working casually at a local theatre where I was once part of the management team. I also do the "snake-thing" which takes up several hours each day, I dabble in web-design…nothing crazy, just some basic stuff for my own purposes and I am a stay-at-home dad to my 3 kids (4.5, 3 and 1). I feel that life has been good to me.
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