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Originally posted by TPiorun

Tell you what .. you put a show on and we will come and attend your show. Sorry but Surrey?.. yeah right with their by laws I wouldn’t be caught dead doing a reptile show there.
Burnaby? WPSCR is already doing a show there.

No I am quite happy to do my little show in the Fraser Valley I know what I am doing and I know what I am up against.

Now I have discussed with other about doing a show in Granville Island. Just have not pursued that avenue yet. But.. I am thinking about it .. if I had a good venue.. maybe in time..

Sorry, I didn't realize there were bylaw issues with Surrey, nor that there'd be a WSPCR show in Burnaby (I thought they were throwing one in Richmond?). Pardon my ignorance, but I've only just moved back to Vancouver this summer and don't know too much about the local herp community.

I was just making a suggestion based on location alone. Since I think anyone who frequents these boards is probably an avid enough herper to have driven anywhere for the show, it would probably be difficult to find anyone here for which the distance was enough of an issue to not go to the show. However, I wouldn't be surprised if there were quite a few people who heard about the show, were interested, but decided not to go due to it being in Abbotsford. There's also the issue of unfamiliarity, as many people have never been to Abbotsford, and don't even know where it is exactly, but only that it's outside Greater Vancouver. I know I had a lot of trouble talking my buddies into coming with me (whose admission fees I incidentally paid for), only to have them urge me to leave early so that they would have enough time to make it back to Vancouver for their Saturday night plans in case traffic conditions were poor. Of course, this was just my personal situation and I have no idea how many other people (if anyone at all) were in a similar boat.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out some of the advantages of having a show closer to Vancouver. Either way, it was a terrific show and well worth the drive. I will definitely be there next year, just without my buddies.
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