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Originally posted by Lisa
[B]actually when passing through an area you are subject to it's laws whether you are a resident or not. And a by-law doesn't need a complaint to be made to be enforced.
You are indeed expected to respect the laws pf whichever area you are passing through but it doesn't necessarily apply to municipal by-laws. There is a big difference between an areas laws and by-laws.

Most municipal by-laws are specifically written, directed and applied to the residents of the municipality. For example, the clip I quoted from the by-laws of the site mentionned in this thread was a by-law of property standards. If one would be caught travelling in a car with such animals, that particular by-law wouldn't be inforceable due to the fact that it pertains to property standards, not people passing though in a car that do not reside in the municipality = non-residents.

There are probably some municipal by-laws that are more general and could possibly enforced on a passer though but I would find that surprising and it could easily be contested in court.

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