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While I'm not a big gecko person... you guys sure had some gorgeous ones! I sure was tempted a few times when I was at your table... but I prefer my lizards and snakes to be nice and big and thick....
Thank you for the kind words but you know, Bunches is one big thick leopard

My opinion on the move is: Stay Put until the demand for more tables is at least another 30 - 50% more, no point in going bigger if half, or more, of the tables are going to be emtpy. We already know those show get bad reps for not being able to fill their tables, people don't like them, they want them jam packed so they can spend more money. haha

As for you Vancouver whiners it wouldn't do to call it the Fraser Valley Herp Society and then hold the shows in Vancouver, sheesh! People in Edmonton will drive three hours to attend the Calgary shows and vice versa, and then they still have to drive home again. If they want to attend, they will come.


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