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Wild Milk snakes In Mississauga?

Dudes and Dudetts I found a milk snake on my block, and i live in a suburban area lots of houses but hardly any fields around just busy streets, i found a milk snake yesterday and i wanted to know is this unusual? have their been lots of sitings of them in Mississauga? anyways i'm am thinking it could be a pet that escaped or its wild if it was a pet i am keeping the mofo if its wild i will bring it to a field and release it, the guys driveway it was on well he thought it was a boa, and was going to kill it so i walk up all professional lol like i'm the croc hunter and take out of the net he had it in the buger bit it didn't hurt but then she settled and let me hold her for the rest of the day
neways do you think its wild?
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